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Benzoic Acid And Derivatives

Takao Maki, Kazuo Takeda
Published 2000 · Chemistry
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The article contains sections titled: 1. Introduction 2. Physical Properties 3. Chemical Properties 4. Production 5. Quality Specifications 6. Storage, Transportation and Legal Aspects 7. Uses and Economic Aspects 8. Derivatives of Benzoic Acid 8.1. Salts of Benzoic Acid 8.2. Esters of Benzoic Acid 8.3. Benzoyl Chloride 8.4. Benzonitrile 8.5. Alkyl and Acyl Analogues 8.6. Chlorobenzoic Acids 8.7. Aminobenzoic Acids 8.8. Nitrobenzoic Acids 8.9. 3-Sulfobenzoic Acid 8.10. Hexahydrobenzoic Acid 9. Toxicology

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