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The Mizoroki–Heck Reaction

Martin Oestreich
Published 2009 · Chemistry
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Foreword by Professor Richard F. Heck 1 Mechanisms of the Mizoroki-Heck Reaction Anny Jutand 2 Focus on Catalyst Development and Ligand Design Irina P. Beletskaya and Andrei V. Cheprakov 3 Focus on Regioselectivity and Product Outcome in Organic Synthesis Peter Nilsson, Kristofer Olofsson and Mats Larhed 4 Waste-Minimized Mizoroki-Heck Reactions Lukas Goo ss en and Kathe Goo ss en 5 Formation of Carbocycles Axel B. Machotta and Martin Oestreich 6 Formation of Heterocycles Thierry Muller and Stefan Brase 7 Chelation-Controlled Mizoroki-Heck Reactions Kenichiro Itami and Jun-ichi Yoshida 8 The Mizoroki-Heck Reaction in Domino Processes Lutz F. Tietze and Laura M. Levy 9 Oxidative Heck-Type Reactions (Fujiwara-Moritani Reactions) Eric M. Ferreira, Haiming Zhang and Brian M. Stoltz 10 Mizoroki-Heck Reactions with Metals Other than Palladium Lutz Ackermann and Robert Born 11 Ligand Design for Intermolecular Asymmetric Mizoroki-Heck Reactions Anthony G. Coyne, Martin O. Fitzpatrick and Patrick J. Guiry 12 Intramolecular Enantioselective Mizoroki-Heck Reactions James T. Link and Carol K. Wada 13 Desymmetrizing Heck Reactions Masakatsu Shibasaki and Takashi Ohshima 14 Combinatorial and Solid-Phase Syntheses Thierry Muller and Stefan Brase 15 Mizoroki-Heck Reactions: Modern Solvent Systems and Reaction Techniques Werner Bonrath, Ulla L'etinois, Thomas Netscher and Jan Schutz 16 The Asymmetric Intramolecular Mizoroki-Heck Reaction in Natural Product Total Synthesis Amy B. Dounay and Larry E. Overman

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