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Physicochemical And Morphological Characterization Of Polyisobutyl Cyanoacrylate Nanocapsules.

J. Rollot, P. Couvreur, L. Roblot-Treupel, F. Puisieux
Published 1986 · Chemistry, Medicine

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Two different polymerization mechanisms of alkyl cyanoacrylates were compared with regard to their morphological and physico-chemical characteristics. Cyanoacrylates were polymerized by simple emulsification into an aqueous medium or by interfacial polymerization in an o/w type emulsion. Suspensions of particles obtained by these two mechanisms show dramatic differences when studied for their turbidity, refractive index, and stability following centrifugation. These observations are consistent with the fact that nanoparticles obtained by emulsion polymerization are known to be formed by a full polymer core, while nanocapsules obtained by interfacial polymerization were thought to consist of an internal oil droplet surrounded by a polymeric wall. This theory was further confirmed by an electron microscopic examination of the internal structures of the two types of polymeric aggregates.
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