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On The Crystallization Of γ-isotactic Polypropylene: A High Pressure Study

S. Brückner, P. Phillips, K. Mezghani, S. V. Meille
Published 1997 · Materials Science

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The non-parallel chain structure determined for γ-phase isotactic polypropylene (γ-iPP) is confirmed by Rietveld analysis for highly isotactic high molecular mass iPP crystallized at 200 MPa. The new refinement shows that: (i) stereoregularity or crystallization pressure do not significantly influence the lattice dimensions; (ii) defect inclusion in γ-iPP crystals is unlikely. The α and γ forms have nearly identical bulk internal energy and density, but α-iPP should be normally kinetically favored over γ-iPP which may in turn predominate due to its greater ability to host defects at the crystalline-amorphous interface.

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