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Calculation Of Interfacial Tension In Polymer Systems

Souheng Wu
Published 2007 · Chemistry

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We propose an equation, based on “reciprocal” mean and force additivity, for calculating the interfacial tension between polymers or between a polymer and an ordinary liquid: where γ12 is the interfacial tension; γi the surface tension; γ and γ the dispersion and polar components of γi, respectively. This equation is shown to predict accurately the interfacial tension between polymers or between a polymer and an ordinary liquid. Fowkes' equation or Fowkes' equation with a geometric-mean polar term 2(γiPγ2p)1/2 is not applicable to polarlpolar systems. The interfacial tension arises mainly from disparity in the polarities of the two phases. The above equation can also be used to calculate the surface tension and polarity of polymers or organic solids from contact angle data.
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