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Vapor‐Liquid Equilibrium: Part I. An Appraisal Of Data Reduction Methods

Hendrick C. Van Ness, Stanley M. Byer, Richard E. Gibbs
Published 1973 · Chemistry
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Correlations of the excess Gibbs function and the activity coefficients of a binary, liquid-phase system at constant temperature depend on reduction of P-x-y data taken for the system in vapor-liquid equilibrium. It is shown that use of a full P-x-y data set is for all practical purposes based on just the P-y values. Alternative procedures require only P-x or P-y data. In any case, effective use of a full P-x-y data set can be made only if redundent experimental values of Px,y or P are compared for consistency with calculated values. This cannot be accomplished by means of the popular area test for thermodynamic consistency.

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