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Photoluminescence And Thermoluminescence Studies Of CaAl2O4:Dy(3+) Phosphor.

Mohammad Ziyauddin, Shalinta Tigga, Nameeta Brahme, D. P. Bisen
Published 2016 · Chemistry, Medicine

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Calcium aluminate phosphors activated by Dy(3+) have been prepared by a combustion method at a temperature of 600°C. Photoluminescence (PL) and thermoluminescence (TL) properties of gamma-irradiated Dy-doped calcium aluminate were investigated. The PL spectrum shows a broad peak around 488 nm and 573 nm, under 347 nm excitation. Thermoluminescence studies were performed for different concentrations of Dy. Optimum intensity of photoluminescence was found for 0.02 mol% concentration of Dy. It was found that initially the peak TL intensity increases with increasing concentration of Dy in the CaAl2O4 host, attains a maximum value for 0.05 mol% concentration and decreases with further increase in the doping concentration due to concentration quenching.
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