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Pesticide Residue Determination In Vegetables From Western China Applying Gas Chromatography With Mass Spectrometry.

Guofu Qin, Keting Zou, Yongbo Li, Yan Chen, Fengrui He, Guirong Ding
Published 2016 · Medicine, Chemistry
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In this study,an effort has been made to evaluate the pesticide residues in vegetables from western China. Fifty-one pesticides, including organophosphorus, organochlorine, carbamate and pyrethroid, were detected in 369 commonly used vegetables by GC-MS. Concentrations of organophosphorus pesticides were detected ranging from 0.0008 to 18.8200 mg/kg, among which organophosphorus pesticide concentrations exceeded their maximum residue levels (MRLs) in five samples. Carbamate and organochlorine pesticides were determined to have concentrations in the range of 0.0012-0.7928 mg/kg. The residual concentrations of carbamate pesticides in six samples and organochlorine pesticides in four samples exceeded their MRLs. The residual concentrations of five pyrethroid pesticides were within the range of 0.0016-6.0827 mg/kg and the pyrethroid residues in two samples exceeded their MRLs. The results revealed that pesticide residues in 70.73% of the vegetables samples were not detected, while in the rest of vegetables there were one or more pesticide residues and some even exceeded their MRLs, which would threaten the health of consumers. Our work provides significant information for the food safety regulations to control the excessive use of some pesticides on those kinds of vegetables from western China. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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