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Chemical Looping Dry Reforming As Novel, Intensified Process For CO2 Activation

Saurabh Bhavsar, Michelle Najera, Goetz Veser
Published 2012 · Chemistry
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Chemical looping dry reforming (CLDR) is a novel, intensified route for CO2 activation. Two nanostructured carriers (Fe-BHA and Fe@SiO2) are synthesized, characterized, and evaluated with regard to activity and stability in thermogravimetric and fixed-bed CLDR reactor studies over a temperature range of ~500–800 °C. Fe-barium hexaaluminate (Fe-BHA) shows fast redox kinetics and stable operation over multiple CLDR cycles, while Fe@SiO2 exhibits poor activity for CO generation due to a partial loss of the core-shell structure and formation of silicates. While the latter could be removed via a two-step oxidation scheme, carrier utilization remained well below that of Fe-BHA (~ 51 % versus ~ 15 %). However, the two-step oxidation configuration turns the net endothermic CLDR process into a net exothermic process, opening up a highly efficient autothermal process alternative.

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