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Electrochemical Conversion Of CO2 Into Negative Electrode Materials For Li-Ion Batteries

Jianbang Ge, Liwen Hu, Wei Wang, Han-dong Jiao, Shuqiang Jiao
Published 2015 · Chemistry
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The capture and electrochemical conversion of CO2 in molten LiCl–Li2CO3 salt is proposed. By using an inert platinum anode and a tungsten cathode, the CO32− could be easily converted into carbon and oxygen gas, as well as O2−. The released O2− was responsible for the further capture of CO2. Also, CO2 could be effectively absorbed in such chloride melts with a low content of oxygen ion dissolved. In addition, the produced carbon displayed good performance as a negative electrode material for Li-ion batteries, suggesting that the process is an environmentally friendly way to convert CO2 into energy-storage materials.

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