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Supported Co-Re Bimetallic Catalysts With Different Structures As Efficient Catalysts For Hydrogenation Of Citral.

Xin Di, Gwendoline Lafaye, Catherine Especel, Florence Epron, Ji Qi, Chuang Li, Chang-hai Liang
Published 2019 · Chemistry, Medicine
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Bimetallic Co-Re/TiO2 catalysts were developed for efficient citral hydrogenation. Bimetallic catalysts were prepared by co-impregnation (CI), successive-impregnation (SI), and surface redox method (SR). The arrangement between the Co and Re species on these systems was fully characterized using several techniques (TEM-energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, H2 temperature-programmed reduction, temperature-programmed desorption, XRD, CO FTIR spectroscopy, model reaction of cyclohexane dehydrogenation), and their catalytic performances were evaluated for the selective hydrogenation of citral towards unsaturated alcohols. The Re and Co species are completely isolated in the CI sample, presenting a very limited Co-Re interaction. In SI samples, the metals coexist in a Janus-type structure with a concentration of Re around Co. Decoration/core-shell structures are observed for SR samples resulting from the redox exchange between the metallic surface of the parent Co/TiO2 catalyst and the Re7+ species of the modifier precursor salt. The contact degree between the two metals gradually increases as follows: Isolated structure (CI)
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