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Influence Of Essential Oil Composition On Water Distillation Kinetics

El-Hadi Benyoussef, Sabrina Saibi
Published 2013 · Chemistry

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ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to develop mathematical models for essential oils hydrodistillation on the basis of theircomponents’ contribution taking into account both qualitative and quantitative aspects. This modelling approach wasapplied to water distillation of essential oils from coriander seeds, aniseeds and eucalyptus leaves. The results showed thatthe assumption considering the essential oil as a pseudo-component with constant physical properties, already adopted inseveral models, is not verified when there is a variation in essential oil composition during the extraction process. Copyright© 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Keywords: extraction kinetics; mass transfer; modelling; diffusion; chromatography; water distillation Introduction Essential oils are secondary metabolites of aromatic plantsstored in secretory cells, cavities, canals, epidermic cells orglandular trichomes. [1] The essential oil extraction by waterdistillation or hydrodistillation is a traditional technique whichis still used in modern industrial processes. During this processthe plant material is completely immersed in boiling water,and the produced steam drains the volatile components. Aftercondensation and cooling, the essential oil is separated fromthe distillate by decantation. For water recycling, a pump is usedto feed the steam generator by decantation water (cohobation).Essential oils are very interesting extraction products whichpossess appreciable biological properties such as anticancerand antioxidative properties, antinociceptive effects, antiviraland antiphlogistic activities.
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