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Cycloproprene Fatty Acids In Gnetum Gnemon (L.) Seeds And Leaves.

S. K. Berry
Published 1980 · Medicine, Chemistry

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The seeds and leaves of Gnetum gnemon (L.), a Gymnosperm, were examined for their fatty acid composition by gas-liquid chromatography, infrared, ultraviolet and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. They were found to contain cyclopropene fatty acids (CPFA) determined as silver nitrate derivatives of their esters. ‘Keropok’, a product prepared from seeds, was also examined for its CPFA content. The values (area%) for total CPFA were 51.62, 37.87 and 46.91% of the total fatty acids in the oil of seeds, leaves and keropok, respectively. The effect of normal cooking temperatures on the retention of CPFA in these materials was also investigated.

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