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Mechanical Properties Of Surface‐modified Ultra‐high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber Reinforced Natural Rubber Composites

W. Li, R. Li, C. Li, Z. Chen, L. Zhang
Published 2017 · Materials Science

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The mechanical properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers reinforced natural rubber (NR) composites were determined, and the effects of fiber surface treatment and fiber mass fraction on the mechanical properties of the composites were investigated. Chromic acid was used to modify the UHMWPE fibers, and the results showed that the surface roughness and the oxygen-containing groups on the surface of the fibers could be effectively increased. The NR matrix composites were prepared with as-received and chromic acid treated UHMWPE fibers added 0–6 wt%. The treated UHMWPE fibers increased the elongation at break, tear strength, and hardness of the NR composites, especially the tensile stress at a given elongation, but reduced the tensile strength. The elongation at break increased markedly with increasing fiber mass fraction, attained maximum values at 3.0 wt%, and then decreased. The tear strength and hardness exhibited continuous increase with increasing the fiber content. Several microfibrillations between the fiber and NR matrix were observed from SEM images of the fractured surfaces of the treated UHMWPE fibers/NR composites, which meant that the interfacial adhesion strength was improved. POLYM. COMPOS., 2015. © 2015 Society of Plastics Engineers
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