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Organic Single-crystal Field-effect Transistors

R. D. Boer, M. Gershenson, A. Morpurgo, V. Podzorov
Published 2004 · Physics

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Organic electronics constitute an innovative field, with interesting applications complementary to the silicon semiconductor technology. From a scientific perspective, there is large interest in the fundamental understanding of electrical transport in organic semiconductors. However, a well-developed microscopic description is still lacking, due to the complicated character of the many-body polaronic-type of charge carriers in molecular compounds. In this Thesis, we have experimentally studied the intrinsic charge transport properties of organic semiconductors by using organic single-crystal field-effect transistors. The electric field-effect has been frequently used to investigate thin films of organic compounds. Unfortunately, thin-film transistors are not suitable for the study of intrinsic electronic properties of organic conductors, because their characteristics are often strongly affected by imperfections of the film structure and by insufficient purity of organic materials. Thus, for a higher degree of molecular ordering and an improved quality of the FET, we fabricate devices on the surface of a free-standing single crystal of organic molecules. In short, in this work we have achieved successful fabrication of high-quality single-crystal FETs, exhibiting high mobilities and signs of intrinsic transport. Herewith, we have identified new aspects that influence charge transport in organic semiconductor FETs, and we have performed exploratory measurements in the charge density regime approaching one carrier per molecule.
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