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Measurement And Analysis Of Vibration And Temperature Levels In Global Intermodal Container Shipments On Truck, Rail And Ship

S. Singh, K. Saha, J. Singh, A. S. Sandhu
Published 2012 · Engineering

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SUMMARY This paper reviews various previous studies conducted on measurement of physical and climatic conditions that occur inside International Standard Organization intermodal containers and their impact on packaging. The study measured vibration and temperature levels in two different shipments from India to USA where recorders measured the acceleration levels and temperature data while the instrumented and loaded containers travelled on truck, rail and ship. Measured data shows that extreme vibration levels occur while containers travel on trucks on poor road conditions followed by rail and ship travel. Highest temperature levels occur inside these containers when they are stationary and are at dry docks, as opposed to when they are travelling on truck or rail. Lowest vibration levels and temperature extremes occur when they are loaded on a ship and are travelling on sea. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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