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Surface Treatment Of Ultra‐high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers Using Potassium Permanganate And Mechanical Properties Of Its Composites

W. Li, Renliang Ma, M. Huang, L. Meng, Q. Pan
Published 2018 · Chemistry

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Potassium permanganate was applied to improve the surface properties of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers. The results suggested that the surface oxygen atoms increased dramatically and the O/C ratio increased from 0.030 to 0.563 after treatment. The increased surface roughness and the O-containing groups on the treated fiber surface decreased the contact angles with water and ethylene glycol. The crystallinity and the crystallite size of the treated fibers increased, and the DSC results indicated that chain scission and the formation of ―C═O chemical defects in the amorphous region were the main mechanisms of the deterioration of the treated UHMEPE fibers. The breaking strength and the elongation at break of the fibers decreased, but the modulus increased after treatment. The treated fibers exhibited better adhesion with epoxy matrix. An improvement of 27.6% from 101.4 to 129.4 MPa in ILSS confirmed the improvement in the interfacial adhesion strength of composites. The impact and bending strength of composites were both improved.
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