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A Hippocampal Protein Associated With Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndrome And Small Cell Lung Carcinoma.

K. Sakai, M. Gofuku, Y. Kitagawa, T. Ogasawara, G. Hirose, M. Yamazaki, C. S. Koh, N. Yanagisawa, L. Steinman
Published 1994 · Biology, Medicine

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A hippocampal 38 kd autoantigen recognized by an autoantibody from the serum of a patient with paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis (PLE) and small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) was isolated by screening a human hippocampal cDNA library. The 1,991-nucleotide ple21 clone was obtained and the deduced 350-residue protein encoded by the ple21 cDNA clone was found to be highly homologous to the neuron-specific RNA recognition motifs (RRMs)-containing proteins. The homologies were confined to the RRMs and the RRM connecting region. The presence of RRM in the antigenic protein may be important in the pathogenesis of SCLC-associated paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome.

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