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Megagauss Physics And Technology

P. Turchi
Published 2012 · Physics

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Experimental Techniques in Ultrahigh Magnetic Field Generation.- Pulsed Magnetic Field Generators and Their Practical Applications.- Production and Measurements of Megagauss Magnetic Fields in Single-Turn Coils.- Measurement of Pulsed Magnetic Fields Produced by Flux Compression, in Imploding Liners.- TOFS-A Timing Optical Fiber System.- Test Bench for Operation with Great Explosive Charges Under Laboratory Conditions.- Conductors and Insulators at High Energy Densities and Speeds.- High-Energy Electric Pulse Generation by Cumulative Explosion.- Explosive Plasma Source Experiment.- Electrophysical Properties of Detonation Products of Condensed Explosives.- Xenon Shock Waves Driven by High Magnetic Fields.- Extinguishing of the Electric Arc Compressed by Shock Waves.- Design and Analysis of Isentropic Compression Experiments.- Effects of Metallurgical Microstructure of Armatures on Compressed Magnetic Field Generators.- Shock-Induced Electrical Switching in Polymeric Films.- Generation of Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields by Small-Scale Single-Shot Experiments.- Modeling of Magnetodynamic Systems.- Small Helical Flux Compression Amplifiers.- Energy Capabilities and Magnetic Flux Losses in "Bellows"-Type Explosive Generators.- COMAG-III: A 2-D MHD Code for Helical CMF Generators.- Numerical Studies of Helical CMF Generators.- MHD Phenomena at High Magnetic Reynolds Number.- Plasma Crowbars in Cylindrical Flux Compression Experiments.- Magnetic Flux Compression by Expanding Plasma Armatures.- An Equivalent Circuit Model for a Solenoidal Compressed Magnetic Field Generator.- A Finite-Element Model of Compressed Magnetic Field Generators.- Advanced Pulsed Power Topics.- Pulse Transformer Operation in Megagauss Fields.- Magnetic Propulsion for a Hypervelocity Launcher.- Magnetic Propulsion Railguns: Their Design and Capabilities.- Shiva X-Ray Source Experiments.- Numerical Simulation of the Effects of an Injected BZ Field on an Imploding Hollow Plasma Liner.- Inductively Driven Imploding Plasma System for X-Ray Generation.- A Very Fast Electromagnetically Operated Circuit Breaker.- Fast Opening Switches Carrying Multimegampere Currents.- Imploding Liner Systems for Fusion.- Review of the NRL Liner Implosion Program.- On Efficiency of Two-Step Energy Transformation in a System with Inductive Storage for MCG Magnetic Field Production.- Results from the Los Alamos Fast Liner Experiment.- Liner Thermonuclear Systems with Superhigh Magnetic Field and ? > 1.- Adiabatic Compression of 3-D Plasma Magnetic Field Configuration.- Numerical Simulation of Dynamics of Quasispherical Metallic Liner.- A Conceptual Design for an Imploding-Liner Fusion Reactor.- Stabilization Concepts of Imploding Liquid Metal Liner.- Modeling of LINUS-Type Stabilized Liner Implosions.- Megagauss Field Generation.- Megagauss Fields Produced with Small Explosive Charges.- Investigation of Capabilities of Magneto-Cumulative Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation.- Production of Megagauss Fields by Compression of Magnetic Flux by a Metallic Liner.- Megagauss Magnetic Field Production in Small Volumes.- On a Novel Scheme for the Generation of Megagauss Fields.- Superhigh Magnetic Field Generation by a Cumulating Liner and Magnetopressed Discharge.- Experimental and Computational Study of Axial Magnetic Field Compression by Cylindrical Plasma Liners.- Applications of Ultrahigh Magnetic Field Techniques.- Abstract of Report of the Panel on High Magnetic Field Research and Facilities.- Design, Performance and Use of a Near Megagauss Pulsed Machine.- Experimental Research on Explosive-Driven Magnetic Generator Performance with Resistive-Inductive Load.- Megagauss Fields and Current Pattern in Focussed Discharges.- Application of Strong Magnetic Fields for the Acceleration of Charged Particles.- Magnetocumulative Generator Systems.- Magnetic Cumulation Generator Parameters and Means to Improve Them.- A Multiwire Helical Magnetic Cumulation Generator.- Formation and Transmission of Magnetic Cumulation Generators Electromagnetic Energy Pulses.- Transformer Energy Output Magnetic Cumulation Generators.- Reproducible Generation of Multimegagauss Magnetic Fields.- High Inductance Explosive Magnetic Generators with High Energy Multiplication.- Generation of the Magnetic Flux by Multicascade Capture.- Ultimate Capacities of Transformer Method of Energy Transfer from Explosive Magnetic Generator to Inductive Load.- Study of Basic Regularities of Formation of Multi-MA-Current Pulses with Short Risetime by EMG Circuit Interruption.- Addresses of Author Organizations.- Author Index.

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