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Global Impact Of Occupational And Environmental Lung Diseases

Eric Amster, Eric Amster, D. Christiani
Published 2012 · Medicine

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The burden of occupational and environmental lung disease varies widely throughout the world. Prevalence and incidence of disease, predominant exposures, clinical prognosis, and mortality rates vary widely. Global disparities are in part a result of disparate occupational health and safety norms; environmental standards and enforcement; and a severe lack of screening and access to care in much of the developing world. This chapter will review the differential prevalence of occupational and environmental lung disease worldwide and will explore some of the factors influencing variation in estimated rates. Common occupational and environmental diseases and their specific regional burdens will be reviewed. Global differences in occupational and environmental exposures will be explored. Finally we will discuss international interventions to mitigate the global burden of occupational and environmental lung disease.
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