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Irrigation And Drainage Engineering

P. Waller, M. Yitayew
Published 2015 · Environmental Science

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Introduction.- Economics.- Soils.-.Water and Salinity Stress.- Reference Evapotranspiration.-Crop Evapotranspiration.- Spatial and Temporal Variation.- Pipes.- Pumps.- Groundwater.- Open Channel Flow.- Center Pivot Irrigation.- Turf Irrigation.-Agricultural Sprinkler Irrigation.- Landscape Irrigation Components.- Landscape Irrigation Design and Management.- Agricultural Drip Irrigation.- Drip Irrigation System Economics.- Chemigation.- Surface Irrigation.- Greenhouse Hydroponic Irrigation.- Low Head Bubbler Irrigation.- Wastewater Contaminants.- Waste Degradation and Loading Rates.- Soil Salinity and Nitrogen.- Water and Solute Mass Balance.- Water and Energy.- Water and Energy Relationships in Soils.- Subsurface Drainage Principles and Relationships.- Subsurface Drainage Design and Installation.
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