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The Chemistry Of Graphene Oxide

Wei Gao
Published 2015 · Chemistry
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In this chapter, we discuss a variety of chemical reactions introduced for GO. Among all studies on the chemistry of GO, the largest portion focused on the reduction of GO back to graphene, mainly due to its high relevance to graphene and the gold rush of graphene research over the last decade. However, doping, functionalization and cross-linking of GO are equally, if not more, interesting to chemists, since GO is a giant model compound of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) oxides. Here, we start with a thorough comparison between various reducing recipes for GO, and follow with some theoretical simulations and predictions on its convertibility toward graphene. In addition to that, we elaborate on extended chemical modifications (covalent and non-covalent), cross-linking, and doping recipes for this macromolecule shown in literature. After all, we intend to show you that GO became a relatively hot research topic, not only due to its relevance to graphene, but also for its high chemical activity and tunability, which enabled the prosperity of its research in various fields led by chemists, materials scientists, biologists, physicists, as well as engineers. It is a perfect paradigm for young researchers as an important subject thrived in interdisciplinary research. After all, when real-life problems come, potential solutions do not impose boundaries between disciplines. All relevant disciplines can offer their input, and contribute together to the final solutions, in which cases communications and collaborations between different researchers need to be encouraged and appreciated.

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