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Value-Added Products From Brown Rice

S. Mir, M. A. Shah, I. A. Wani
Published 2017 · Biology

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There is a huge potential for the development of rice-based products high in phytochemicals and nutritional components. In recent years, the nutritional significance of brown rice has been recognized and its consumption being encouraged. In order to increase the nutrient density of rice-based products, it is important to use brown rice as raw material in these types of products. Brown rice is having great importance to the rice industry particularly for the development of value-added products. Various types of products, viz. popped, extruded, bread, cakes, noodles, cookies, etc., have been developed from brown rice either alone or in combination with other flours. Value-added products from brown rice have good potential for consumer acceptance and are regarded as health-promoting functional foods. Introduction of brown rice-based products in the market would increase the diversity of functional products and, even more importantly, of functional foods suitable for celiac disease patients.
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