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Study Of Chunking Algorithm In Data Deduplication

A. Venish, K. S. Sankar
Published 2016 · Computer Science

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Data deduplication is an emerging technology that introduces reduction of storage utilization and an efficient way of handling data replication in the backup environment. In cloud data storage, the deduplication technology plays a major role in the virtual machine framework, data sharing network, and structured and unstructured data handling by social media and, also, disaster recovery. In the deduplication technology, data are broken down into multiple pieces called “chunks” and every chunk is identified with a unique hash identifier. These identifiers are used to compare the chunks with previously stored chunks and verified for duplication. Since the chunking algorithm is the first step involved in getting efficient data deduplication ratio and throughput, it is very important in the deduplication scenario. In this paper, we discuss different chunking models and algorithms with a comparison of their performances.
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