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Educational Mobility And Transnationalization

P. Yang, Yi’En Cheng
Published 2018 · Political Science

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Yang and Cheng underscore the locally embedded rationales that underpin both institutional and individual experiences of contemporary higher education (HE). Drawing on two empirically researched case studies, comprising of (1) student mobility between China, India, and Singapore and (2) transnationalization of HE involving cross-border provision of educational programs in Singapore, they reveal how uneven mobilities and transnational linkages continue to be shaped by global hierarchies of knowledge, prestige, and reputation. They further suggest that current preoccupations with fourth industrial revolution’s impact on HE is colored by technocratic and technophilic discourses that ignore ‘on the ground’ experiences of the disadvantaged and marginalized. As such, critical and culturalist perspective is both timely and essential to advance a more complex understanding of an increasingly mobile and transnationalized HE landscape.
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