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College Campus Violence: Origins, Impacts, And Responses

P. E. Pezza, Ann Bellotti
Published 1995 · Psychology

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The typical college campus community is potentially hazardous to the health and well-being of its members. In the interest of informing the process of intervention program planning, this article considers the etiology of violence in the college and university setting. Beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which may predispose, enable, and reinforce violence are explored. Particular attention is given to these factors as they pertain to the relationship between alcohol consumption and the risk of being the perpetrator as well as the victim of violence. In light of all these factors, suggestions for primary prevention and intervention efforts are made. A social-ecological model, inclusive of intrapersonal, situational, and environmental aspects of the dilemma is introduced, and recommendations are made about how to curb the irresponsible use of alcohol.
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