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Preliminary Observations On The Effects Of Age On Oropharyngeal Deglutition

J. F. Tracy, J. Logemann, P. Kahrilas, Pothen Jacob, Mindy Kobara, C. Krugler
Published 2006 · Medicine

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Swallows of 4 bolus volumes (1, 5, 10, 20 ml) were examined in three groups of subjects: 6 subjects 20–29 years of age, 12 subjects 30–59 years of age, and 6 subjects 60–79 years of age. A simultaneous manometric and videofluoroscopic data collection protocol permitted measurement of bolus transit, temporal aspects of the oropharyngeal swallow, and pharyngeal peristalsis. Statistically significant effects of increasing bolus volume were oral transit of the bolus head (decreased) and duration of cricopharyngeal opening (increased). Five measures were significantly changed with increasing age: duration of pharyngeal swallow delay (increased), duration of pharyngeal swallow response (decreased), duration of cricopharyngeal opening (decreased), peristaltic amplitude (decreased), and peristaltic velocity (decreased).
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