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Effect Of Light Quality On Photosynthesis Of The Reef Coral Montipora Verrucosa

R. Kinzie, T. Hunter
Published 1987 · Biology

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Pieces of the reef coral Montipora verrucosa (Lam.), collected from Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii in 1982, were grown in four low-light treatments (11% sunlight): blue, green, red and the full spectrum of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR); and at high-intensity full PAR (90% sunlight). These acclimated corals were then tested for photosynthetic ability in blue, green, red, and white light. The photosynthetic parameters that were measured were; ligh-saturated photosynthetic rate, the initial slope of the photosynthesis/irradiance curve, the light intensity where these two lines crossed, and dark respiration. While acclimation intensity had a pronounced effect, the results also showed that the color of the acclimation treatment influenced the photosynthetic responses of the corals. The color of the light used in the measurements of photosynthesis had much less effect on the photosynthetic responses of the corals.

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