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Managed Mental Health Care: Conflicts Of Interest In The Provider/client Relationship

P. Backlar
Published 2005 · Medicine

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What is a conflict of interest? It seems such a simple question (after all, everybody has interests). You might respond that it is a personal kind of moral conflict that entails obligations, divided loyalties, and may include legal implications. You might be quick to point out that 'conflicting interests' (e.g., "I like to dance all night and I also like to read all night") are quite different from a 'conflict of interests ' (e.g., "two people are drowning at the same time and I can only save one of them; whom will I save the scientist, whose work benefits society, or the rich man, whose largesse benefits me?"). And you might add that even though a conflict of interest may prejudice action, it is not in itself an act and does not ensure disloyalty (Rodwin, 1993). Typically, we divide provider/client conflicts into two categories: one, a provider's personal interests (often economic) in conflict with the interests of the client, and two, provider's obligations that may be
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