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Diabetes Mellitus And Candidiases

E. Dorko, Z. Baranová, A. Jenča, P. Kizek, E. Pilipčinec, L. Tkáčiková
Published 2008 · Biology, Medicine

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Patients in various clinical states of diabetes mellitus (according to the recommendation of the American Diabetes Association) as a primary diagnosis were examined for fungal infections byCandida species.Candida spp. were detected in urine, in the material taken from the mouth cavity, nails, skin lesions, ears and eyes, by cultivation on the Sabouraud agar, CHROMagarCandida, and by saccharide assimilation. In the group of diabetics with symptoms of oral candidiasis and denture stomatitisC. albicans was identified in 8 cases,C. tropicalis in 3,C. parapsilosis in 2; 1 strain ofC. guilliermondii was also isolated. In patients with urinary tract infections the presence ofC. albicans was shown in 12 cases;C. parapsilosis was detected in 6 cases and two strains of eachC. tropicalis andC. krusei were also isolated. In patients with leg ulcersC. albicans (25 cases),C. parapsilosis (5),C. tropicalis (3) and one strain of eachC. krusei andC. robusta were isolated. Otomycosis was associated with one strain ofC. albicans, C. parapsilosis, C. tropicalis andC. guilliermondii. C. albicans was most frequently associated with onychomycosis, paronychia and endophthalmitis;C. parapsilosis was the second most rated yeast.
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