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Experimental Design For Optimization Of Microwave-assisted Extraction Of Benzodiazepines In Human Plasma

P. Fernández, C. Vázquez, R. Lorenzo, A. M. Carro, I. Álvarez, P. Cabarcos
Published 2010 · Chemistry, Medicine

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A simple and fast microwave-assisted-extraction (MAE) method has been evaluated as an alternative to solid-phase extraction (SPE) for the determination of six benzodiazepines widely prescribed in European countries (alprazolam, bromazepam, diazepam, lorazepam, lormetazepam and tetrazepam) in human plasma. For MAE optimization a Doehlert experimental design was used with extraction time, temperature and solvent volume as influential parameters. A desirability function was employed in addition to the simultaneous optimization of the MAE conditions. The analysis of variance showed that the solvent volume had a positive influence on the extraction of all the analytes tested, achieving a statistically significant effect. Also, the extraction time had a statistically significant effect on the extraction of four benzodiazepines. The selected MAE conditions—89 °C, 13 min and 8 mL of chloroform/2-propanol (4:1, v/v)—led to recoveries between 89.8 ± 0.3 and 102.1 ± 5.2% for benzodiazepines using a high performance liquid chromatography method coupled with diode-array detection. The comparison of MAE and SPE shows better results for MAE, with a lower number of steps in handling the sample and greater efficiency. The applicability of MAE was successfully tested in 27 plasma samples from benzodiazepine users.
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Purificación Fernández (2010)

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