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The Quest In Delivering Quality IT Services: The Case Of A Higher Education Institution

Chelma Sliep, Carl Marnewick
Published 2020 · Computer Science
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IT leaders in higher education institutions (HEI) face a challenge to incorporate the continuous transformation of technology and the way it is applied in HEIs to improve the quality of IT service delivery. Managing IT per se, became more than managing IT systems with a fixed set of knowledge and skills. IT leaders needs to manage IT as a value stream not as separate entities. Various best practices, methodologies, standards and frameworks exist which all address some aspect of the IT value stream. A multi-dimensional framework was designed to address the entire IT value stream and to improve the quality of service delivery and thus satisfy stakeholders’ expectations. The framework incorporates various best practices, methodologies and standards. The framework was validated using in-depth interviews. Thirty interviewees from three entities within the HEI, participated in the research. The purpose of the interviews was to determine which elements of the framework contribute to quality IT services. Respondents completed a service quality matrix as part of the interview. The results were analysed to determine the respondents’ understanding and interpretation of the delivery of quality services. The results highlighted a discrepancy between the IT department’s perception of quality service and the recipients’ perception of said services. The results also highlighted that the framework can be used to align the various service quality perceptions.
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