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Characteristic Profiles Of The Inclusion Complex Of Omeprazole/peracylated-β-cyclodextrin Formed In Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Tamanna Sultana, J. M. Jung, S. Hong, W. Lee, Y. Gal, H. Kim, K. Lim
Published 2011 · Chemistry

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Inclusion properties of the drug omeprazole (OMP) with peracetylated-beta-cyclodextrin (PAc-β-CD) prepared by green method, following supercritical carbon-dioxide (scCO2), were characterized through thermal (TGA and DSC), crystalline (XRD), NMR spectroscopic and dissolution studies. Comparison amongst PAc-β-CD, OMP, physical binary mixture (equimolar ratio of OMP: PAc-β-CD) and the solid inclusion complex (OMP/PAc-β-CD) revealed scCO2 as a successful technique for inclusion complex formation as well, identified characteristics performances of PAc-β-CD/OMP interactions. For instance, absence of characteristic DSC or XRD peaks of either chemical in the complex was quite noticeable with the shift of proton peaks in 1H NMR spectra. The formed inclusion complex also showed an important dissolution performance of OMP for controlled release applications partly due to the hydrophobic nature of PAc-β-CD.
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