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One-step Polypyrrole Coating Of Self-assembled Silver Nanoprisms For Enhanced Stability And Raman Scattering

Dong-Won Jeong, Sugyeong Jeong, D. Jang
Published 2017 · Materials Science

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Self-assemblies of silver nanoprisms (AgPRs) having enhanced structural stability and optical properties have been facilely coated with polypyrrole (PPy) via the in situ polymerization of pyrrole monomers that also act as an assembling agent. The assemblies of AgPRs, whose edge lengths and thicknesses are typically 78 and 4 nm, respectively, have been surrounded by a PPy coating of 6 nm. AgPRs are assembled in a side-to-side orientation, and the degree of assembly has been controlled by varying the concentration of trisodium citrate dihydrate, which attaches selectively to the {111} facets of AgPRs. The morphology deformation time of PPy-coated AgPRs in 0.6 mM H2O2(aq) is seven times longer than that of PPy-free AgPRs, suggesting that PPy coating prevents the sharp tips of AgPRs from being truncated by oxidizing agents. The SERS effect of highly self-assembled and PPy-coated AgPRs becomes as high as 6.3 due to numerous hot spots generated between nanoprisms. Overall, our fabricated AgPRs assemblies with PPy coating have not only improved structural stability but also enhanced optical properties, extending the practical use of noble-metal nanoprisms for various optical applications.
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