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Exoglucanase Production By Aspergillus Niger Grown On Wheat Bran

M. S. Chandra, B. R. Reddy
Published 2013 · Chemistry

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β-Exoglucanase production on the lignocellulosic material, wheat bran, by Aspergillus niger under solid state fermentation (SSF) on a laboratory scale was investigated. Different fermentation parameters, such as moisture content, initial pH, temperature, depth of the substrate, and inoculum size on exoglucanase production were optimized. Moisture content of 40 %, pH of 7.0, substrate depth of 1.0 cm, inoculum size of 2 × 106 spores/g of wheat bran, and temperature at 30 °C were optimal for maximum production of exoglucanase. Maximum yields of exoglucanase with 28.60 FPU/g of wheat bran were obtained within 3 days of incubation under optimal conditions.
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