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A Simplified Ultrasensitive Silver Stain For Detecting Proteins In Polyacrylamide Gels.

B. Oakley, D. Kirsch, N. Morris
Published 1980 · Chemistry, Medicine

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Abstract We have simplified the highly sensitive silver stain of R. C. Switzer III, C. R. Merril, and S. Shifrin (1979, Anal. Biochem.98, 231–237) for visualizing proteins in polyacrylamide gels. We have reduced the number of steps in the procedure from 10 to 6, simplified the reagents in each step, and reduced the amount of silver required by a factor of 10, thus greatly reducing the expense of the procedure. In common with the original silver stain, our procedure is 100 times more sensitive than Coomassie brilliant blue and is comparable in sensitivity to radioautography of radioactively labeled proteins.
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