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Anti-poly(L).poly(C) Antibody Bound To Cellulose And Its Use In The Specific Separation Of Double-stranded RNAs.

Y. Kitagawa, E. Okuhara
Published 1981 · Chemistry, Medicine

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Abstract Antibodies specific to double-stranded RNAs were purified from complexes of poly(A)·poly(U) and anti-poly(I)·poly(C) antibodies by a method of dissociation with 5% dimethylsulfoxide-alkali solution and DEAE-cellulose column chromatography. The purified antibodies were coupled to CNBr-activated cellulose. Synthetic and naturally occurring double-stranded RNAs were bound specifically by the antibody-linked cellulose and were eluted with alkali solution (pH 10.5) or 10% dimethylsulfoxide. The antibody-linked cellulose column appeared to be of practical value for the separation of rice dwarf virus ribonucleic acids from rice plant nucleic acids.
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