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The Solid-liquid Equilibrium Of Binary Mixtures Of Triglycerides With Palmitic And Stearic Chains

M. Knoester, P. D. Bruijne, M. Tempel
Published 1972 · Chemistry

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Abstract The solid-liquid phase behaviour of the binary mixtures of six triglycerides with palmitic and stearic chains has been investigated by means of a microcalorimeter. In order to meet equilibrium conditions as closely as possible, an extensive stabilization procedure was applied. The reliability of the melting curves was optimized by choosing small sample sizes and low heating rates. For 10 out of the 15 mixtures, diagrams of the eutectic type were obtained. In a few cases these diagrams could be interpreted in terms of ideal miscibility in the liquid phase, and no miscibility in the solid state. Deviations could be quantitatively explained by a slight to moderate solid solubility. The five other diagrams showed a high degree of miscibility in the solid state. The results show that solid miscibility is strongly favoured by the presence of an asymmetric triglyceride. On the other hand, differences in crystal modification of the glycerides have no effect on the phase diagram.
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