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Organization Of Multiple Nucleoids And DNA Molecules In Mitochondria Of A Human Cell.

M. Satoh, T. Kuroiwa
Published 1991 · Biology, Medicine

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Mitochondrial nucleoids (mt-nucleoids) of the A2780 line of cultured human cells were stained with DAPI and observed using an epifluorescence microscope. The mt-nucleoids appeared to be organized compactly in mitochondria. Numbers of mt-nucleoids per mitochondrion ranged from 1 to more than 10, and 70% were "multinucleated" mitochondria. Intensities of fluorescence of mt-nucleoids in each mitochondrion were measured by a video-intensified microscope system (VIM system) and copy numbers of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in each mitochondria were determined. The copy numbers of mtDNA per mitochondrion ranged from 1 to 15, and the average was 4.6. Because the cells had 107 mitochondria on average, the copy number of mtDNA per cell was estimated to be about 500.
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