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Molecular Cloning Of Two Distinct Vasotocin Precursor CDNAs From Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus Keta) Suggests An Ancient Gene Duplication

J. Heierhorst, S. Mahlmann, S. Morley, I. Coe, N. Sherwood, D. Richter
Published 1990 · Biology, Medicine

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The structures of two different vasotocin precursors from chum salmon brain have been elucidated through the molecular cloning of their corresponding cDNAs. Although the predicted precursors, consisting respectively of 153 and 158 amino acids, have the same structural organisation, they show 35% amino acid sequence divergence, of which only approximately half are isofunctional substitutions. Remarkably, while the C terminal segments of both precursors resemble the glycopeptide moiety of the related mammalian vasopressin precursor, both salmon precursors lack consensus sequences for N‐glycosylation.
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