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Compressive Strength Of Mandibular Bone As A Function Of Microstructure And Strain Rate.

D. Robertson, D. Smith
Published 1978 · Engineering, Medicine

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Abstract An investigation has been made of the compressive strength of the porcine mandible and its depedence upon microstructure and strain rate. The results are compared with the fracture behavior of bovine femoral bone. Regarding microstructural dependence, it was found that fracture behavior depends upon regularity of structure, morphology of subunits, orientation of lamellae with respect to the stress axis, amount of ground substance, density and mineral content. Fracture mode was found to be a strong function of strain rate. For both porcine mandibular and bovine femoral bone, there is a ductile-to-brittle transition which results in a change of strain rate sensitivity coefficient from 0.1 to 0.0 at the transition region. This is corroborated by a large change in work-to-fracture values at this region. Therefore, the existence of a critical velocity for bone is supported by the present data.

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