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Technique For External Beam Treatment For Mesothelioma.

G. Kutcher, C. Kestler, D. Greenblatt, H. Brenner, B. Hilaris, D. Nori
Published 1987 · Medicine

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A combined photon-electron beam treatment for diffuse pleural mesothelioma is discussed in this paper. The technique consists of parallel opposed 10 MV X rays prescribed to 4250 cGy using customized blocks to shield the lung. The pleura is then boosted with electrons to a dose of 3600 cGy. The combination yields a TDF of 74 ret to the pleura. As discussed in an earlier paper, this treatment method when combined with subtotal pleurectomy and I-125 implantation leads to improved survivals with minimal complications. The details of this 3-dimensional radiation treatment method were not described in detail. To improve target coverage and local control, the technique has been modified. CT is now used along with simulation plane films to define the entire pleural surface. The target volume has also been extended from the dome to the base of this diaphragm. These changes have led to improved pleural dose distributions; by blocking the liver or stomach, and boosting the crus of the diaphragm with electrons, there is little added morbidity. As is demonstrated by dose volume histograms, we have been able to deliver 4250 cGy +/- 10% to most of the pleura with 1/3 of the lung parenchyma receiving less than 2100 cGy.
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