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IS431, A Staphylococcal Insertion Sequence-like Element Related To IS26 From Proteus Vulgaris.

L. Barberis-Maino, B. Berger-Bächi, H. Weber, W. D. Beck, F. H. Kayser
Published 1987 · Biology, Medicine

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We present the nucleotide sequence of IS431, a new staphylococcal insertion sequence-like element flanking the mercury-resistance determinant of pI524 and associated with the methicillin-resistance determinant. IS431 left is 800 bp long and has a perfect terminal inverted repeat (IR) of 22 bp; IS431 right is 786 bp long and has a terminal IR homologous to the IR of IS431 left except that the terminal 8 bp are absent. Both IRs share a 10-bp homology with the IR of IS26 from Proteus vulgaris. No directly repeated sequences were detected immediately adjacent to the IRs. An open reading frame (ORF) of 675 bp spans most of the IS431 sequence. Its deduced amino acid (aa) sequence shows 40% homology to the 234-aa-long putative transposase coded by ORFI of IS26.
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