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Rational Design, Synthesis, And Characterization Of Chromophoric Supermolecular Self-assembled Multilayer Thin Films Having Very Large Optical Nonlinearities

D. Li, T. Marks, T. Zhang, G. Wong
Published 1991 · Materials Science

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Abstract A method for preparing organized, highly aligned, multifunctional donor-acceptor covalently bonded self-assemblies on silica surfaces is described. Using the organosilane coupling reagent, I 3 Si(CH 2 ) 2 C 6 H 4 CH 2 I (Cp), the high-β chromophore, 4-[N,N-bis(3-hydroxypropyl)amino]styryl-4′-pyridine (Ch) can be easily linked to surfaces via quaternization. Additional chromophore layer can be built up in this manner using chlorosilane/polyvinylalcohol as an intervening structural layer. These multilayer structures have been characterized by FTIR-ATR, UV-vis spectroscopy, advancing contact angle, and second harmonic generation measurements. The studies of NLO properties reveal good structural uniformity and second order susceptibilities χ zzz (2) as high as 6 × 10 −7 esu for a single CpCh monolayer and 2 × 10 −7 esu for multilayer superlattices ( λ = 1064 nm).
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