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In Situ Functionalized Self-assembled Monolayer Surfaces For Selective Chemical Vapor Deposition Of Copper

X. Liu, Q. Wang, Liuping Chen
Published 2009 · Materials Science

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Abstract Recent studies show that the self-assembled monolayer (SAM) is well suited to control the selectivity of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Here, we reported the selective CVD for copper on the functionalized SAM surfaces (with –SH, –SS–, and –SO3H terminal groups). The –SS– and –SO3H terminal group surfaces were obtained through in situ chemical transformation of –SH terminal group surface of a 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane-SAM (MPTMS-SAM). As a result, the –SS– terminal group surface reduces copper deposition and the –SO3H terminal group surface enhances copper deposition comparing to the –SH terminal group surface. In addition, the MPTMS-SAM was irradiated by UV-light through a photo mask to prepare SH-group and OH-group regions. Then, copper films were deposited only on the SH-group region of the substrate in chemical vapor deposition. Finally, patterns of copper films were formed in the way of UV-light irradiation. These results are expected for use of selective deposition of copper metallization patterns in IC manufacturing processes.
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