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Liquid Phase Aerobic Oxidation Of Benzyl Alcohol By Using Manganese Ferrite Supported-manganese Oxide Nanocomposite Catalyst

Gökhan Elmacı, Demet Ozer, B. Zümreoğlu-Karan
Published 2017 · Chemistry

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Abstract This study illustrates for the first time the performance of nano-manganese ferrite supported-manganese oxide catalyst in benzyl alcohol (BzOH) oxidation without employing any oxidizing agent other than the air present in the reactor. The magnetic catalyst displayed moderate activity but 100% selectivity in conversion to benzaldehyde (BzH) under mild conditions. Compared to the other heterogeneous MnO x -based systems, the catalyst deserves attention in that an enhancement of the activity can be achieved by tuning the core-shell composition which plays a synergistic role in the catalytic reaction.
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