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Bench Scale Study Of Electrochemically Promoted Catalytic CO2 Hydrogenation To Renewable Fuels

Esperanza Ruiz, Domingo Cillero, P. Martínez, Á. Morales, G. Vicente, G. Diego, J. M. Sánchez
Published 2013 · Chemistry

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Abstract The electropromoted CO 2 hydrogenation to renewable fuels was studied over Pt on K-βAl 2 O 3 at bench-scale, under atmospheric pressure and high gas flow rates, with varying H 2 /CO 2 ratios and using gas compositions representative of postcombustion CO 2 capture exit streams and easily scalable catalyst-electrode configurations, as an approach towards its potential practical application. Two Pt catalyst films were prepared by different methods resulting in different Pt particle size and dispersion. The catalytic activity for CO 2 hydrogenation was promoted, by up to 20 times, by pumping K + to the Pt surface. CH 4 formation was favoured over the catalyst with smaller Pt particle size and was enhanced, by up to 7.6 times, on increasing potential. Higher gas flow rates favoured methanation reaction at the expense of reverse water gas shift reaction. Changing H 2 /CO 2 ratio from 1 to 2 led to a decrease in promotion and to an increase in CO 2 conversion and CH 4 selectivity. CH 3 OH and C 2 H 5 OH formation was favoured over the less dispersed catalyst and was electrochemically enhanced up to a maximum of 27 and 16 times, respectively. Selectivity to CH 3 OH is almost unaffected, while CO 2 conversion increases and C 2 H 5 OH selectivity and promotion levels decrease on increasing H 2 /CO 2 ratio from 3 to 4.
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