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Pectin Methyl Esterases And Pectins In Normal And Hyperhydric Shoots Of Carnation Cultured In Vitro.

Shady Saher, A. Piqueras, E. Hellín, E. Olmos
Published 2005 · Biology, Medicine

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Control and hyperhydric micropropagated plantlets from three carnation cultivars have been used to study their pectin composition and the activity of pectin methyl esterases (PMEs; EC Pectins are a highly heterogeneous group of polymers that contribute to cell adhesion, cell wall architecture, and cell wall mechanical strength. Pectins control cell wall porosity and cell wall ionic status and are implicated in intercellular space development. The degree of esterification of pectins is controlled by the activity of cell wall PMEs; their different actions can affect the properties of the cell wall, which have been considered important with respect to controlling the development of hyperhydricity. The total pectins of hyperhydric leaves of the three varieties were significantly reduced in comparison with controls. The pectate fraction was significantly increased in hyperhydric leaves of all varieties while soluble pectins and protopectins were significantly lower. The PME activity of hyperhydric leaves was higher (4-10 times) compared to controls of the three varieties. Isoelectric focusing of PME isozymes revealed the presence of three isoforms; neutral PME activity was the major isozyme in control and hyperhydric leaves of the three varieties, whilst a decrease in the activity of the acidic isoforms was observed in hyperhydric leaves. The different PME activities could regulate some of the structural changes related to hyperhydricity in micropropagated carnation plants.
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