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Transurethral Ureteroscopy In Men Using Juvenile Cystoscopy Equipment.

Edward S. Lyon, Junji Banno, Harry W. Schoenberg
Published 1979 · Medicine
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The inadequacies of current procedures to yield exact diagnostic information on the last portion of the ureter in men and the urologists' frequent frustration when manipulations are attempted in the lower ureter have prompted exploration of a direct endoscopic approach to diagnosis and treatment in the terminal ureter. In the last 3 years we have become accustomed to accomplishing ureteroscopy in women on a routine basis to discover and to treat with amazing ease ureteral tumors, calculi, obstructions and so forth. Ureteroscopy in men now has been practiced sufficiently to convince us that it also should join the urologists' armamentarium of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Herein is described the equipment and the technique to endoscope the lower ureter.

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