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Treatment Of Blepharospasm With Botulinum Toxin.

R. H. Kennedy, G. Bartley, J. Flanagan, R. R. Waller
Published 1989 · Medicine

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Many therapeutic modalities, including medications, excision of the muscles used in closure of the eyelids (myectomy), and selective extirpation of branches of the facial nerve (neurectomy), have been used for the management of blepharospasm. Because of limited effectiveness and undesirable side effects, none of these treatments has been completely satisfactory. Recent reports about injection of botulinum toxin indicate that it is safe and effective for most patients. Relief from blepharospasm, however, is usually transient, and repeated injections are usually necessary. The current availability of effective therapy for blepharospasm emphasizes the importance of prompt diagnosis and referral of affected patients to physicians knowledgeable in the use of botulinum toxin and other therapeutic approaches.
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